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Text Solutions

Sending texts from a PC

The Ridgeway Text Service allows you to send SMS messages from your PC to multiple mobile numbers. It is an innovative, simple to use tool that improves your communication capabilities.

There are no set up fees or monthly costs, simply buy text credits, then use them whenever you need to.

You can do more than just send messages: you can set up your own ‘phonebooks’ of numbers that you send to often; schedule messages to be sent out at a predefined time etc. You can even use your own email client to send out the texts!

Texts can contain up to 160 alpha-numeric characters for each message and full delivery reports are available.

Purchase Text Services

Why not see how easy it is to use with our free, no obligation trial? simply click below to register and receive 10 free text credits.


Typical uses for text services are:-

  • Use it for advertising, promotional opportunities and information sharing
  • Send targeted SMS messages to a defined client list
  • Notification of upcoming events
  • Business headlines, newsflash announcements
  • Use as part of your business continuity plans to quickly notify employees and customers of interruptions to standard business service.

Each SMS contains your company name which can be displayed as the sender on the destination screen. Texts are delivered directly to your targeted recipient which avoids the IT filtering applied to emails.