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18/7/12 New EuroTraveller service for data, voice and text

Vodafone have announced the launch of a new service called Euro Traveller which is designed to reduce costs for customers roaming in Europe.

Customers have the option to pay £2.50 plus VAT per day and then any calls, texts or data used will be taken from their home bundle allowance rather than being additional charges. Incoming calls will not be charged for.

The £2.50 charge is only levied when a customer uses their handset to make a call, send a text or access data. Incoming calls and texts do not trigger the charge.

The previous data allowance (known as Data Traveller) has now been withdrawn and, unless a customer opts into the Euro Traveller service, data use in Europe will be charged at 58.05p per MB.

Vodafone passport is still operation for customers who are already use the service. Customers who are not on Passport and decide not to opt into Euro Traveller will pay 24.04ppm to make a call, 6.63ppm to receive a call and 7.4p per text.

16/11/11 Ridgeway launch fax to email service

Fax to email provides small businesses with a confidential, efficient and green fax solution on either existing or ported geographic numbers (01,02 and 03) and non-geographic numbers (0844 and 0871)

Any fax sent to your number will automatically be converted to a PDF file and sent to a nominated email account.

Along with a choice of numbers and the ability to move existing fax machines to the service, you will be also benefit from an online account management portal. This feature allows complete management of fax numbers and email addresses as well as the ability to archive received faxes in a secure environment, reducing the costs associated with printing and storage.

There is no need to pay for hardware or phone lines so you can reduce the number of lines at your premises. As well as being a green fax solution that reduces maintenance costs, it also allows you to receive faxes through mobile email. All for a single fixed monthly fee with no call charges.