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Vodafone Sure Signal

Available Now

Sure Signal is a simple, effective solution that always provides a full 3G strength signal for your home or small office, and it should make missed calls and delayed texts a thing of the past!

How to get connected

  • A Vodafone Sure Signal box
  • A broadband line of at least 1Mbps
  • A Vodafone 3G handset

How it works

  • Register all the numbers you want to use with Sure Signal (Up to 32 Numbers)
  • Simply plug in the Sure Signal box into your broadband line
  • Provides 5 bar Vodafone 3G coverage over a 30 meters radius (for indoor use only)
  • Allows up to a maximum of 8 concurrent calls (voice and data)
  • Voice call automatically has priority over data sessions
  • Suitable for DSL network connections (not Wi-Fi)
  • Access Control List (ACL) for access security

Vodafone Sure Signal Enterprise (Enhanced VSS)

Available Soon

Vodafone have developed the enhanced VSS system for the larger business user. The new system has a larger feature set to improve the efficiency of your business communications.

Benefits and features

  • Roaming between multiple VSS units providing a continuous coverage solution
  • 8 concurrent calls and wider coverage area for each VSS device
  • Up to 10 VSS units can be located at one postcode location (256 users and up to 80 simultaneous calls)
  • Open Access control List capability removing need for user pre-registration
  • IT Managers will be able to self manage the fleet of VSS units
  • High profile/priority users can receive proactive fault management in the event of a disruption to VSS service by Vodafone managed service team and diagnosed/resolved efficiently and effectively