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Symbian was the original operating system for Smartphones and has been available for over ten years. It was designed to be the standard operating system for mobile phones but, as other systems have been developed, it is now mainly seen on Nokia handsets.

It is the world’s most popular operating systems with an estimated 385 million handsets in circulation. The latest version, Symbian^3, now supports a range of impressive features such as multi touch input for touchscreens, HDMI ports, and better multitasking and internet connections. Handsets running the Symbian OS tend to be some of the most stable on the market, largely due to the long term development that has taken place.

Nokia Ovi Store

The Ovi Store was launched world wide in May 2009. It can replace the standard Nokia PC Suite software as it allows a user to synch contacts, calendar, tasks and notes.

Users can also manage phone content, such as photos or music, using the Ovi Store. It can also be used to download third party applications some of the items are free of charge; others can be purchased.

In 2011 Nokia announced a move away from Symbian when they agreed to use the Microsoft Windows Platform for new smartphones. Part of this agreement will result in the Ovi Store being merged with Microsoft Marketplace.