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BlackBerry Internet Solution (BIS)

The ideal solution for Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo! and Gmail plus other POP3 or IMAP4 email services.

  • Supports up to 10 business or personal email accounts using Internet email accounts
  • Automated message delivery
  • Advanced Encryption Standard provides secure information management for the
  • Synchronises with your PC enabling you to keep all email, contacts and calendar information with you wherever you are
  • Set up provided by Ridgeway Telecom to get you connected as part of our service

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express (BESE)

BESE is the low cost solution for any business that uses Microsoft® Exchange or Microsoft® Small Business Server.

  • 75 users can be supported on the Microsoft® Exchange or Microsoft® Small Business Server
  • Up to 2000 users can be supported by installing a separate server for BESE
  • Web-based management for administrators allowing access for the following:
    • Password resetting, wiping lost/stolen handsets (35 IT policies – preloaded)
    • Define IT policy settings from Templates
    • 6 pre-configured IT administrator roles
    • Manage apps remotely
    • Scheduling device, application and it policy updates
    • Updating of handset software remotely

BlackBerry Enterprise Solution (BES)

The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution is the complete wireless platform for the Corporate user.

  • BES will support benefits up to 2000 mobile users per server
  • Push-based access for email, calendar and contacts over the network on any BlackBerry device
  • New administrative features, built-in high availability to maximise system uptime
  • Enhanced application management to deploy, control and manage applications with new wireless capabilities to help increase productivity.
  • System support provided by Ridgeway Telecom included with all installations